HIRAYAMA Laboratory
Department of Chemical Science and Engineering,Tokyo Institute of Technology


Energy devices, such as rechargeable batteries and fuel cells, not only support our daily lives and industries, but also play a key role in realizing a low-carbon society. As the performance of these devices is limited by their constituent energy conversion and storage materials, the materials development is an important issue.

Hirayama Laboratory, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, is conducting research on the synthesis and functional development of energy conversion/storage materials based on inorganic solid-state chemistry and electrochemistry, focusing on solid materials in which ions move around (ionic conductors). Especially, we are exploring new materials and developing new materials based on multiscale spatio-temporal control in order to contribute to the realization of the next generation energy storage device “all-solid-state battery” based on electrochemical reactions at the solid-solid interface. For more details, please click here. 

We are participating in Research Center for All-Solid-State Battery, Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology. We share many facilities with Kanno-Suzuki Laboratory and Arai Laboratory , and work closely with them on our daily research.