HIRAYAMA Laboratory
Department of Chemical Science and Engineering,Tokyo Institute of Technology

For Prospective Lab Member

We are looking for fourth-year undergraduate students and graduate students (master’s course and doctoral course). We also welcome students from other universities. If you are interested in our research, please feel free to contact us by e-mail to ask questions or request a lab tour.

Note: We are not accepting laboratory tours from distant locations due to measures against COVID-19. Please contact us at any time for an online interview and laboratory tour using ZOOM.

Please also watch the video introduction of our laboratory made by students (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn34Tu0PWOI).


Rechargeable batteries and fuel cells are indispensable devices for sustaining our social activities into the future. In recent years, there has been a rapid shift to electric vehicles, and the scale of the industry is expanding. However, the number of laboratories specializing in the research of electrochemical materials, especially in the materials development, is still small.  It is extremely important to produce people who will be responsible for the development of future energy devices both in Japan and abroad. In addition to contributing to the academic advancement of this field, we consider it an important mission to produce enthusiastic and excellent human resources who will play an important role in industry.

Research Policy

The goal of our laboratory is to nurture students who can create new materials based on their own ideas.  It is important to have the ability to (1) synthesize inorganic materials, (2) precisely measure the structure and physical properties of materials, and (3) clarify the relationships between them. In addition to experiments and discussions in the laboratory, we are also involved in joint research (study abroad) with people outside the university, conference presentations, and writing papers so that I can experience and master all of the above. It may seem a bit greedy with the limited time available, but I believe that just experiencing all of these things will lead to success in future. Of course, we also have fun events such as lab trips, barbecues, and sports tournaments, and we all enjoy our activities.

Information on Graduate School Admissions

Please refer to the following for information on graduate school entrance examinations.